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The Hearing Aid Process

At the time of the hearing evaluation a case history will be taken to determine the type of hearing problem that the individual perceives and how his/her family perceives the hearing problem. Questions will also be asked about the onset of the hearing loss, presence of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and dizziness. Based on the results of the hearing test and the answers to these questions, our highly trained audiologists and hearing instrument specialists may make a referral to a medical doctor for an examination and possible treatment. If testing reveals a sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids are usually the treatment of choice.

Hearing Aid Evaluation
There are literally thousands of hearing aids from which to choose. Our staff in the Barrington and Marlton, New Jersey offices will use the information that was provided in the case history and the audiological evaluation to help narrow those choices for you. The final decision on which hearing aid is purchased is the choice of the wearer.

Hearing Aid Technology
Digital technology accounts for over 95% of hearing aids sold today.

The advantages of digital hearing aids are

  • The flexibility which allows them to be tailored to individual needs
  • The ability to be re-programmed to accommodate changes in hearing or listening needs
  • They can act on soft sounds in one way and on loud sounds in a completely different fashion rather just than making everything louder. The resulting sound quality is clear and comfortable in most listening situations.

Hearing Aid Fitting
During the hearing aid fitting, the device is programmed to meet the unique needs of the wearer. The new wearer is provided with instructions for inserting and removing the hearing aid, changing the batteries, and the proper care and cleaning of the device. This is also the time the provider reiterates the function of the hearing aid as it relates to the individual's life style.

Attitude is the key to the hearing aid user's success. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment.