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Oticon hearing aids are easy to use, with clear, natural sound quality, that work seamlessly in noisy environments to automatically reduce background noise and bring out speech. Oticon hearing aid technology is endless with remote control features and Bluetooth compatible.

With Oticon you have the ability listen to multiple speakers in noisy environments and focus on what’s important to you and switch attention if you want to. Whether you suffer mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, Oticon has a number of styles and fits to match your needs.

These hearing aids are also backed by accessories to expand your range of hearing in many different situations. Many of those devices are also integrated, allowing you to connect to numerous entertainment and communication applications, all while maximizing your hearing potential.

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Image of oticon hearing aid opn bte13 pp.Siya

Oticon Siya hearing aids can capture and amplify the natural, rich details of sounds. They help improve your speech understanding, so you can experience the joy of everyday life. Wearers will experience superb sound quality, easy wireless connectivity to their devices, and effective noise reduction.  The Oticon Siya is available in a variety of models and styles.

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The OPN is the Oticon’s newest and most advanced hearing instrument. It uses BrainHearing technology to takes the effort out of listening. It has one of the fastest processing chips in the industry, supporting a range of new technologies and features. The first-ever hearing aid to connect to the Internet, the Opn uses BrainHearing technology to make listening easier on the brain. Wearers report 30% improved speech understanding, 20% reduced listening effort and 20% better recall of conversations.

Image of Oticon hearing aid Opn miniRITE RoyalBlue.miniRITE-T

The miniRite-T features a telecoil and double push button for easy volume and program control. The fully featured solution includes Tinnitus SoundSupport, Speech Rescue LX, DSL, and TwinLink for 2.4 GHz wireless technology and Made for iPhone® functionality. The miniRITE is also rechargeable. Its hybrid battery design allows you to use either a rechargeable or a standard battery.

Image of Otican Alta 2 hearing aid.Alta 2

Alta2 offers enhanced speech clarity, improved directionality, and easy connectivity. Features include Speech Guard E, Directionality Modes, Inium Feedback Shield, and Spatial Sound Premium. It is available in Behind-the-ear (BTE), Receiver-in-ear (RIE), and custom in-the-ear (ITE) styles, in a range of natural colors. All styles are nano-coated to protect against moisture, dust and dirt.

Image of Oticon Nera hearing aid.Nera

The Nera offers several premium technologies within an economical package, including the core BrainHearing features. Nera is available in BTE, RIE and ITE styles, and provides a comfortable and effortless experience.

Image of Oticon Dynamo hearing aid.Dynamo

Dynamo is a super power hearing aid, designed for people with severe to profound hearing loss. It is available as a discreet and robust BTE style in several colors. It uses BrainHearing technology to naturally preserve important sound details, for reliable and stress-free listening.

Image of Oticon Agil Pro 5 hearing aid.Agil

Agil is a premium hearing aid. Built on the RISE 2 platform, it provides excellent data processing technology, for better speech audibility and richer sound. 

Image of Oticon Intiga hearing aid.Intiga 

The Intiga is designed for first time hearing aid users with mild to moderate hearing loss. It offers enhanced sound quality and is easy to handle. It is available in discreet ITE and Invisible-in-canal (IIC) styles.

Image of Oticon Acto hearing aid.Acto

Acto hearing aids offer excellent sound clarity, with wireless coordination between both ears and longer battery life. Acto is available in BTE, RIE, ITE and IIC styles.

Image of Oticon Ino hearing aid.Ria

Provides all the essentials you need for better hearing. Tailor the sound to your personal hearing preferences to have a more natural listening experience.


See how the Oticon Opn helps wearers enjoy the interactions they'd been missing



See how the Oticon Opn is helping celebrated chef, Bryan Casswell, communicate with his family, staff, and customers. 

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