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AdobeStock 172344191 300While summer is a fun season with all of its outdoor activities and parties, it can also be the noisiest one.

Fireworks, concerts and sporting events all come with a risk for hearing loss, including:

  • Permanent hearing loss: The loss of hearing that is never restored.
  • Temporary hearing loss: Noise-induced hearing loss that typically lasts for less than a day.
  • Tinnitus: A ringing, buzzing or humming in the ears that may occur suddenly or gradually.

Image of 2 middle aged couples talking. When a family member begins to experience hearing loss, there are bound to be some challenging conversations about the next step.

Because the loss of hearing can be emotionally similar to other major losses, the person may be going through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – as they begin to process it.

couple eating lunchOur clients with hearing aids often voice concerns about struggling to hear in noisy environments, particularly in restaurants.

Associates in Hearing Healthcare – an audiology private practice in Barrington and Marlton, New Jersey – knows this is a complex topic.

couple on vacationIf you’re planning a vacation, here are a few things you should consider while planning your trip. 

Planning the Trip

When making travel arrangements, let the hotel, airline, and car rental companies know you have hearing loss. Informing them prior to your arrival allows them to prepare information in writing for you. 

family in snowAbout 40 million Americans –20% of the U.S. population – are currently living with some degree of hearing loss. The risk increases after the age of 65, which is an estimated one out of three people. 

Though age is a factor, noise-induced hearing loss among all ages is also a growing concern. When we subject our ears to loud sounds - like music, commuter travel, and construction noises- without using ear protection, hearing loss may occur.

It’s never too late to preserve your hearing, even if you already have some degree of hearing loss. The staff at Associates in Hearing HealthCare in New Jersey has compiled a list of ways you can limit hearing loss.

Hearing Ear ExamWellness is a hot buzzword in health care. References to wellness are commonplace, from television advertising to newsletters from health insurance providers, hospitals, and physicians.

We strive to live rich and fulfilling lives and recognize that good health is integral to achieving this goal. That’s why we strive to eat well, exercise routinely, and get our blood pressure, sugar, vision, and teeth checked on a regular basis.

However, few people think to have their hearing evaluated by an audiologist.

New Year New YouAs 2018 begins, and many individuals create their New Year’s resolutions, setting goals and bucket lists.  Among those resolutions are often items for better health – cut our sugar, quit smoking, train for a 5K.  Often, people will set goals of a more personal nature – have date nights with significant other more often, read new (or classic) books, go out with friends regularly. 

However, what if there was a way to merge the resolution to take care of your physical wellness, as well as your personal wellbeing?  By taking control of your hearing health, you can.  For those who are on the fence, or have never considered their hearing health, taking the steps to improve their hearing can do more than just that.

Healthy Meal blog sizeIf you’re looking for a few new recipes for your dinner tables, we’ve compiled a list of appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts that not only look delicious but have ingredients that are beneficial to your auditory (and overall) health.  

Appetizer – Stuffed Mushrooms

The combination of squash, kale, and pecans in these stuffed mushrooms add a great flavor profile but are also high in zinc and folic acid ingredients. 


AdobeStock 125733408All the holidays in December make it one of our favorite times of the year! Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, the Winter Solstice – there are so many important holidays. It is a time where we celebrate with our friends and families, a celebration of how fortunate we are. There are religious services, family meals, parties, plays, concerts, and informal and formal activities which are happily anticipated all year long.

Holidays and Hearing LossA well-balanced diet does more than just keep your muscles and bones healthy.  It also helps your ears!!  It’s true; your diet can improve, or worsen, your hearing quality.  While multi-vitamins are beneficial, the most effective way to gain the benefits of getting the necessary vitamins and minerals is directly from the source. Recent research from the Journal of Nutrition and the Journal of Otolaryngology have shown strong connections between diets rich in vitamin B12, vitamin A,  folic acid, Omega 3 protect the auditory system form free radicals.