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Hearing Aid TechnologyWhat’s new in hearing aid technology? That’s a question our staff and audiologists are asked all the time – one that we’re excited to answer! These days, there are countless new hearing aids with groundbreaking technology to address all degrees and types of hearing loss, and you’ll find them at Associates in Hearing Healthcare. Call us today at (856) 266-9590 to find the technology right for you!

Hearing Aid Battery The audiologists at Associates in Hearing Healthcare are devoted to improving our patients’ hearing health and providing the latest in hearing aid technology. With locations in Barrington and Marlton, New Jersey, we make it easy for you to schedule an appointment and meet with our knowledgeable staff.

One of the most common questions we receive is: How can I make my hearing aid battery last longer? Here are some tips to prolong the battery life:

Residents of South Jersey are familiar with the Courier Post’s annual “Best of…. “ rankings. We are thrilled to have once more been voted the Best in South Jersey for hearing aid centers. Thanks to all of you who voted us. We are excited to have won this honor and want to express our thanks for all your votes.  We will work hard to continue providing the best care possible. If you have suggestions as to how we can improve, please share them with us.

Recently, a patient reported that he had forgotten that ice clinks in a glass. He and his wife went out to dinner to celebrate his first set of hearing aids. When he picked up his water glass he was pleasantly surprised to hear the ice clink. Even more interesting, that glass of water tasted really good!!
He was not imagining things. It turns out that sound plays an important part in our ability to enjoy what we eat. Chips that sound crunchy and crackly taste better than quiet ones. Fizzy sounds make our beverage taste fresh, not stale. When we eat, we eat with all of our senses: how our food looks, smells, tastes, feels and sounds affects our overall pleasure and satisfaction.

At our offices in Barrington and Marlton, New Jersey we care about the hearing health of our patients. That’s why we believe in providing the best information possible to help you recognize hearing issues such as tinnitus.

Tinnitus, usually known as, “ringing in the ears” is the sensitivity of sound when no actual sound exists. For some sufferers, tinnitus can create various sounds, including buzzing, hissing and whistling, and sometimes even clicking. This condition can either be temporary or ongoing.

Recent research has resulted in good news for chocolate lovers and folks who wear hearing aids. Both show the possibility of warding off cognitive decline associated with aging. As a chocolate lover, I find this to be very welcome news, even though I must admit I was suspicious at first. It turns out that a very reputable research group has shown a clear association between the habitual consumption of chocolate and better cognitive performance. The same association has been found with the consistent use of hearing aids, even with mild hearing loss.

The reasons why each of these occurs are not clear, but I am happy to accept the findings. Both studies have been published in well-respected peer reviewed journals and both show a clear positive increase in function.

One of our most inspiring heroes is Martin Luther King. He epitomized the best that America can be, both in his actions and his dreams. On January 19, 2016 the staff at Associates in Hearing HealthCare joined millions of other American to provide a day of service in our local community.

Six staff member, Dr. Namita Gehani, Dr. Sarah Watson, Leslie Loteirzo, Dr. Lisa Cutillo, Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy and Jon Ayes all helped sort food at the Food Bank of SJ. We were amazed at the amount of food that is collected from local donations, the efficiency at which is sorted and distributed to local families and the dedication of the Food Bank employees.

Nicole Grippi joined with her local Girl Scouts for a day of service at the Connect Church in Cherry Hill. They made bags & baskets of toiletries for the homeless shelter in Camden.

Ashley McEnroe, Jennifer Winters, Melissa Dwornick and Vanessa Sanchez painted murals at the Boys and Girls Club of Camden County. We were very impressed with the overall facility of the Boys and Girls club and the great number of after school activities and options available to the kids.


Ready or not, Christmas is here! And that means the New Year is lurking around the corner. Oh My!
This is a time of year we all celebrate friends and family, even those folks who do not participate in Christmas. Our society has both embraced and distorted Christmas, turning into a secular holiday for many. So… in the spirit of the original holiday, we would like to wish everyone good health, good friends. Good food and, of course, good hearing!
May 2016 be a wonderful, prosperous, happy and memorable year for us all.
The Staff at Associates in Hearing HealthCare

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday of the year! It is a time set aside for friends and families, a celebration of how fortunate we are. A glance at the daily world news confirms that we have much to be thankful for. We are grateful for the wonderful people we work with every day, with the clients we serve and the honor it is to improve the quality of each person’s life. And, in many cases, the people important to our clients also reap benefit from our efforts. A most gratifying situation!

But even in the most wonderful celebrations, people with hearing loss often find themselves struggling to participate, especially in larger groups. If one of the people at the dinner table has untreated hearing loss he/she may be left out of the conversation, leading to feelings of isolation and depression.

Imagine this: A big, extended family crowded around a long table — passing dishes, clanking silverware, getting up and down from the table to serve, and carrying on multiple conversations at the same time. The noise level can be impressive and often poses a challenge even for those with normal hearing. Hearing accurately in noise is a challenge and words often become hard to decipher. For example, someone may state they are going to the shore on Black Friday and the person with poor hearing asks “which one?” The resulting odd looks from the rest of the table often causes the person to feel embarrassed or silly, simply because they misheard store for shore.

With the amazing developments in hearing aids over the past few years, many people with hearing impairment wonder why they still struggle with hearing in some situations. These situations include TV, often involve a talker at a distance (such as in town meetings or religious services) or excessive background noise (common in many restaurants today) or when using the telephone. Often folks with normal hearing struggle in the same situations but the problem is much worse for those with hearing loss. Connectivity provides a means for the person using a hearing aid to hear much better in these conditions and hugely enhances the benefit of hearing aids.

Connectivity refers to an assortment of features and devices that use a form of wireless communication to “connect” the hearing aid with the desired speech signal.