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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tinnitus

If you’ve suddenly developed a constant buzzing or ringing sound in your ears that subsides in volume, but never seems to completely go away, you may be suffering from tinnitus. In fact, a doctor may have even diagnosed you with...

The Science Behind How Cochlear Implants Work

Cochlear implants are small electronic devices that can help a person who is very hard of hearing or deaf hear sounds. The implant is made of two portions, one sits outside the ear and another that is placed inside of...

5 Things You Can Today To Avoid Hearing Loss

There comes a time in almost every adult’s life when they start to realize that they are not hearing as well as they used to. It might start by turning the volume on the television up more often or simply...

A Quick Rundown of Child Hearing Aids

Sometimes that feeling in the pit of your stomach that there’s something going on with your child is just anxiety having its way with you. But sometimes you’re not that lucky.

If you’re getting a persistent sense that your...

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