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A Quick Rundown of Child Hearing Aids

Sometimes that feeling in the pit of your stomach that there’s something going on with your child is just anxiety having its way with you. But sometimes you’re not that lucky.

If you’re getting a persistent sense that your...

Stress and Hearing

You’ve probably heard that chronic stress can do a number on your cardiovascular system, negatively impacting blood pressure and being a harbinger of diabetes and heart disease.

But because of those facts, it can also lead to hearing loss.


Time to Tie Up Any Hearing Loose Ends

As the economy begins to tentatively open up a bit, now’s a good time to cross some of those things off the To-Do List that accumulated during the COVID lockdown.

And if one of those things is checking out any...

And the Allergies Go Round and Round

The change of seasons brings with it many cherished traditions — the onset of allergies is not one of them. Whether it’s pollen in the air (hello, ragweed), mold spores, or dust that had settled in heating ducts now flowing...

Your Hearing and COVID

There’s still a great deal to know about COVID-19. It’s hard to believe, but it’s only been with us for less than a year (but what a long less-than-a-year it’s been). But unlike diseases that have been researched for decades,...

Coming To Terms With Mask-Wearing

Whether we like it or not, face masks are here to stay — at least until there’s a widely available COVID-19 vaccine. And that is at best months and months away.

Until then, overwhelming medical advice is to wear masks...

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