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Don’t Let Hearing Loss Take Control

There’s no shame in your hearing “breaking bad.” About 15 percent of the American population has some trouble with their hearing. And for folks over the age of 65, it’s about 33 percent.

It’s at an audiologist practice that you...

Hearing Gone Bad

As far as we know, no old bluesman wrote a song about the trials and tribulations of having the bad hearing blues. (Maybe because you’d have to turn the amps up to 11 to get the message across anyway).


Allergies Are On The Way

Spring is coming, which means allergies too. And that can mean a flare-up of hearing issues.

Firstly, you should know that the inner ear is really complex. There are a lot of very tiny parts that have to work in...

A Cutting-Edge Hybrid

The hearing aid manufacture Phonak has introduced new hardware and software that ups its game significantly by boldly delving into what is possible with a hearable. First developed as smart headphones, hearables have surged in popularity with people without...

Tinnitus: Should I Worry?

There’s a chance that the word tinnitus gets thrown around a little too much. Not every momentary experience of an odd sound is a symptom of the condition. But the fact is that between 15 and 20 percent of...

The Rapid Expansion of What Hearing Aids Can Be

The brave new world of tech has been sweeping through the hearing aid realm for the past several years. If you have an older model or are facing making hearing aids part of your life for the first time, now’s...

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