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A Doctor of Audiology also called an Audiologist has a wide range of procedures that fall under their scope of practice.  Some audiologists work with hearing devices and/or cochlear implants. Audiologists may also assess and treat a number of disorders including auditory processing, tinnitus, and vestibular disorders. They can provide aural rehabilitation and even perform inter-operative monitoring during ear/hearing-related surgeries. At Ear Works Audiology, we primarily evaluate, diagnose and treat hearing loss and vestibular disorders.

Hearing loss is evaluated by first getting a thorough case history. It is important for the doctor to understand the troubles you are experiencing as well as your medical history. You will be asked a series of questions including some about tinnitus, dizziness, fullness in the ears, ear pain and drainage. The doctor will look in your ears to see if there is any visible wax or debris in the canal and check the health of the tympanic membrane (eardrum). She will measure the eardrum to check its mobility, if there is any fluid or congestion in the middle ear space, this test will let the doctor know. The doctor will perform an audiogram which measures your ability to hear at a variety of intensities and frequencies.  You will be tested for your ability to determine speech in quiet and in noise. This helps the doctor to see how you are functioning on a daily basis. Using all of these tools, the doctor can help diagnose your hearing loss and provide and appropriate treatment plan for you.

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